The Seal Lullaby (2013) Production Process

The performance was coordinated by Wiltshire College lecturer Patrick Williams with a team of 2nd year Creative Digital Media students. They started by creating a conductor track, shot on a green screen. This was sent to Wei Jiang in Australia, who performed the piano part, following the conductor. The piano was added to the conductor track and uploaded to YouTube for the other choir members to follow, recording their videos.

Meanwhile, the team at Wiltshire College undertook a number of experiments to design the look and feel of the visuals for the piece, as well as investigating working methods for a project on this scale.

Once the videos were recorded, the development team downloaded them, scrubbed them, applied colour correction and stripped the audio to send to the engineer in India, Saikumar Prabhakaran.

With the audio being mixed, the videos were positioned on a world map in AfterEffects, then orientated with one-another in a grid. The cameras were then animated to drift past the choir.

The completed motion graphics were rendered on a small render farm, with each of the 10,000 frames taking about 20 seconds to produce!