The Seal Lullaby (2013)

The Seal LullabyThe Seal Lullaby (2013)

The Seal Lullaby (2013) (Composer Eric Whitacre)

Cantores Connexi are proud to present Eric Whitacre’s The Seal Lullaby as their first independent virtual choir performance, inspired by the composer.

The gentle shimmering seas and twinkling stars form an atmospheric backdrop for Whitacre’s beautiful setting of Rudyard Kipling’s lullaby.

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Patrick Williams (United Kingdom)


Wei Jiang (Australia)

Sound Engineer

Saikumar Prabhakaran

Development Team (Wiltshire College)

Charlotte Hole
Henry Ahtom
Matt Gray
Shannon Mayo


Wei Jiang
Anita Yañez
Anabela Baric
Annika Kukk
Yohann Hamon
Christin N. Waldemar
CA Edington
Julia Slepenkova
Andreas Khalid L. Belboe
Joanna Trociuk
Herson A. Perez Valentin
Sándor Orbók
Anastassia Rakitianskaia
Kuan-ming Lin
Heidi Greimann
Daniel Borszik
Jack Rowland
Patrick Williams
Gan Hui Wan
Saikumar Prabhakaran

Generously supported by

Wiltshire College
Total Perspective Media
Sy9 Studios